Müller Straight Stem

CoCrMo (ISO 5832-4), cemented

The Müller Straight Stem is a hip endoprosthesis for cemented anchoring in the femur that has been successfully implanted for decades and is one of the most frequently used cemented implants worldwide.

Made of CoCrMo (ISO 5832-4) and equipped with a 12/14 cone, the Müller Straight Stem can be combined with both metal and ceramic femoral heads.

A standard and a lateral version are available in 11 sizes each. The stems differ in length and offset. The CCD angle of 135° is the same for all stems. The fine groove structure supports good cement adhesion. Optionally available cement stoppers limit the cement depth.

The fine structuring of the implant surface increases its size and optimizes anchorage with bone cement. The modular design of the system allows optimal individualized treatment of the patient, even at an advanced age.
The Müller straight stem allows a primarily stable loading situation, especially in „softer“ bone, and can thus enable early mobilization of the patient. It also covers a wide range of indications and can be used for almost all primary cases and also for revisions.


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