Stephan Dunke

Managing Director

Sebastian Sturm

Production Director

Norbert Ohst

Chairman of the supervisory board

Precision in every detail made in Rathenow, Germany

Over 30 years have passed since OHST medical technology in Rathenow produced its first acetabular hip cup. Today the name of OHST is a synonym for the production of high-quality joint implants and surgical instruments

Founded in Rathenow by toolmaker Willi Ohst in 1937, OHST AG remains family-owned and managed to the present day. Initially the company manufactured tools for the local optical industry, followed later by paper testing machines for the GDR’s export market.

In the mid-eighties the first acetabular hip cups were developed in coordination with Berlin’s Charité Hospital, with regular production starting in 1987. From the Nineties on medical devices became the core business.

Today the increased demands on manufacturers of medical devices and the internationalisation of the industry have led to change of generations at OHST. 
Norbert Ohst’s sons, Stephan Dunke and Sebastian Sturm, have taken over the management of the company.

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