Cement restrictor

UHMWPE (ISO 5834-2)

The cement restrictor is an intramedullary medullary cavity plug for sealing the femoral medullary canal during implantation of cemented hip stem prostheses. lt has a circulating lamella with four segmental incisions, which folds like a fan when introduced into the medullary cavity, so that a reliable barrier is formed against the unintended flow of bone cement into the distal medullary cavity. The cement stopper is made of ISO 5834-2 UHMWPE and has an X-ray contrast ring made of ISO 5832-1 implant steel to improve radiological visibility.

The OHST cement stopper is available in two sizes and is supplied sterile and individually packaged.

A special setting instrument with scaling is available for controlled insertion to the optimal depth of the femoral medullary cavity.


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