ZEN Knee

mobile bearing knee system

The ZEN Knee system is a highly congruent mobile bearing surface replacement for cemented, cementless or hybrid use. It consists of four components, that are available in several variations: a femoral component, an insert, a tibial and a patellar component. The implant system was developed and tested according to the latest state of the art technology.

The implant components of the ZEN Knee system facilitate transmission of an optimal level of power into the adjoining bones and are designed for a surgical technique that is as sparing of bone as possible.

Form and dimensions of the ZEN Knee implants are based around the natural anatomy of the knee. Each component is available in six sizes in order to adjust to the individual conditions of each patient.

The range of motion in flexion is over 110° when using an ultra-congruent insert. The standard insert allows an even greater range of motion.

All UHMWPE components (inserts and patella) contain a pin made from implant steel (ISO 5832-1) for better visualisation during imaging procedures.


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