Unipolar Head

Implant steel (ISO 5832-9)

The Unipolar head is particularly suitable for the treatment of a femoral neck fracture in patients of advanced age. The easy handling of the Unipolar head allows low patient stress and shortens the operation time.

The large head diameter ensures a high degree of dislocation safety, which is essential for rapid mobilization of the patient. The highly polished metal surface is particularly gentle on the natural acetabulum. The fracture head is combined with a hip stem with 12/14 cone and used as a sliding partner with the natural acetabulum.

The fracture head can be combined with compatible hip stems of the following materials: Implant Steel (ISO 5832-9), CoCrMo ISO 5832-4, Ti6Al4V ISO 5832-3 as well as Ti6Al7Nb ISO 5832-11.



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