SPC Hip Stem

Ti6Al7Nb (ISO 5832-11), cementless

The SPC Hip Stem is a hip endoprosthesis for cementless anchoring in the femur. The principle is based on the findings of Prof. Lorenzo Spotorno, which has been tried and tested for more than 20 years. Produced from a titanium wrought alloy (ISO 5832-11) and fitted with a 12/14 cone, the stem can be combined with both metal and ceramic femoral heads.

For the various femoral anatomies of the patients the SPC hip stem is available in 13 sizes, each of which has three different CCD angles. There is therefore a wide range available for the reconstruction of the natural geometry of the joint using the biochemical parameters: center of rotation, leg length and CCD angle.

The main anchoring is obtained through the press-fit principle. The double conical-shaped body of the stem is pressed metaphyseally after preparation of the implant bed into the cortico-spongious bone. A high degree of primary stability is achieved through the spongiosa-compressing ribs, so that almost all relative movement is excluded resulting in an improved secondary anchorage. The secondary anchorage is finally achieved by osteo integration, which is promoted by the osteophilic titanium alloy and the roughness of the surface.


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