The Verso®

shoulder system is a reverse shoulder replacement prosthesis designed for use in primary, trauma and revision reconstructive total shoulder surgery.

It is intended for cementless fixation and requires minimal bone resection.

The Verso® was developed through extensive research carried on since 1997, has been in clinical use for since 2005 and is currently implanted in thousands of statisified patients around the globe by expert surgeons.

The device is intended for total shoulder arthroplasty and indications of use include:

  • Shoulder arthropathy with rotator cuff tear or dysfunction
  • Cuff tear arthropathy
  •  Non-inflammatory degenerative joint disease including osteoarthritis with deficient rotator cuff
  • Correction of severe functional deformity such as fracture sequelae
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Revision procedures where other treatments or devices have failed
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Massive irreparable rotator cuff tears

Key features and advantages of the Verso®

  • Stemless prosthesis – avoids distal humeral canal reaming.
  • Three-finned humeral component combines minimal bone resection with secure cortical fit and rotational stability.
  • Dial-able’ UHMWPE liner provides low medial edge, reducing likelihood of notching and improving rotational movement.
  • Tapered glenoid screw for secure primary fixation.
  • HA coated humeral and glenoid components for enhanced secondary fixation.
  • Entirely modular system matches all anatomy.
  • Colour and graphic-coded packages for foolproof component selection.
  • Simple yet sophisticated operative technique.
  • Requires only two instruments trays in theatre.
  • Instruments trays arranged in intuitive order.


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