Primaro Cup

Ti6Al4V (ISO 5832-3), cementless

The Primaro Cup is a modular acetabular endoprosthetic
system with TPS coating for cementless fixation in the acetabulum. The hemispherical outer cup with flattened poles is made of biocompatible TiAl6V4 alloy (ISO 5832-3). The Primaro Cup is also available with a CaP coating. The outside diameter of the cup sizes ranges from 44 millimeters to 68 millimeters.

The Primaro Cup comes with screw drill holes. These holes are sealed when supplied. Self-tapping flat head screws are available to improve fixation of the outer cup in the acetabulum.
Position marks on the plane surface of the cup allow the alignment of the screw drill holes in the cranio-lateral direction.


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