Mueller II Cup

UHMWPE (ISO 5834-2), cemented

The Mueller II cemented polyethylene acetabular cup supports the cemented restoration of the acetabulum.
With its wide range of internal and external sizes, the Mueller II cup covers a very wide range of indications. For optimal adaptation of the cup to the damaged acetabulum, the Mueller II cup is available with an outer diameter in increments of two millimeters.

The minimum wall thickness of 6 mm is given for all sizes. The special hemispherical outer contour of this cup allows the best possible cement flow between the acetabulum the cup with minimal bone loss. To ensure radiographic visibility, all implants are equipped with a ring made of implant steel (ISO 5832-1). 

The dysplasia variants additionally contain a notch and a radiographic pin at the highest point. In order to prevent dislocation of the hip joint, the internal contour of the cup in the snap version was developed so that the connection with the femoral head can only be released with considerable force.
An instrument set adapted to this implant ensures a safe surgical procedure


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