Expersus Hip Stem

CoCrMo (ISO 5832-12), cemented

The OHST Expersus stem is a hip stem prosthesis for cementless or cemented anchoring in the femur.

 In the cemented version, the Expersus stem is made of a CoCrMo (ISO 5832-12) and is equipped with a 12/14 cone. It has a smooth, fully polished surface and can be combined with both metal and ceramic femoral heads.

There are 9 sizes available to accommodate different patient femoral anatomies with a standard -125° and
standard -135° design. The stem body is dual tapered to provide both self-clamping and the necessary rotational stability. 

For both the cemented and cementless versions, this results in a wide range for reconstruction of the natural joint geometry based on the biomechanical parameters of center of rotation, leg length and CCD angle.


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