Biathlon Hip Stem

Ti6Al4V (ISO 5832-3), cementless

The Biathlon stem is a hip stem prosthesis for cementless anchoring in the femur. It is made of titanium TiAl6V4 (ISO 5832-3) and is equipped with a 12/14 cone. In addition to the polished tip and neck area, the body is coated with a TPS+BONIT coating.

The stem can be combined with both metal and ceramic femoral heads. In addition to the standard variant, a lateral variant is also available.

For the different femoral anatomies, 10 sizes are available, each with two different offsets. This results in a wide range for reconstruction of the natural joint geometry based on the biomechanical parameters as center of rotation, leg length and CCD angle. The primary anchorage of the cementless version is based on the press-fit principle.


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